New blog launch: The Glass & Garden Friday, Jul 6 2012 

Hello, Central Park Cocktail Clubbers!

I’m posting on this blog about my new blog. Very meta.

For those of you cocktail enthusiasts who are interested in more recipe-driven, picturesque posts of drinks, you should check out The Glass & Garden, which will be my new home for recipes derived (or tested) in my kitchen. The “garden” half of the blog will be devoted to all things horticulture-related, including ingredients for drinks (!) as well as beautifying your backyard.

CPCC members (and those of you who’ve joined us along the way): Never fear; this blog isn’t going anywhere! I will continue to update it with the club’s progress, as well as my related travels. I just felt there should be a dedicated space elsewhere for recipes and the like.

Carry on, and keep cool! I’ll be posting here soon about all of my adventures in Scotland, including about a bajillion photos of Laphroiag distillery, which is ever so photogenic…


Fluffy Ruffles Monday, May 7 2012 

That’s the name of this here drink:

I just made one for the beau (& one for me) while he was cooking dinner. Typically, when I ask if I can make us a round whilst he’s cooking, the base spirit is always (always!) whiskey, almost always rye. We keep a decanter of “house whiskey” on the bar filled with Old Overholt, which is by far the best value one can buy in a bottle of rye.

Anyway, this evening, a rum-based cocktail was requested, so I consulted ye olde Official Mixer’s Manual by Patrick Gavin Duffy (a must, if you’re serious about sipping drinks as ridiculously named as the Fluffy Ruffles), and settled on said drink because a) it’s simple (I’m lazy) and b) I liked the name. I believe it’s in the Savoy Cocktail Book, as well.

Spoiler alert: It is delicious, essentially because it’s a rum manhattan. Here’s the recipe.

Fluffy Ruffles

1/2 parts Cuban rum (I used Ron Abuelo as I didn’t pick up any Havana Club whilst in England; Panama seemed a close second)
1/2 parts Italian vermouth (I used Carpano Antica as it’s quite sweet)
Rind of lime

In a mixing glass with ice, combine rum and vermouth; stir until cold. Strain into a coupe class; garnish with lime rind.

Cocktail Club catch-up: Liqueurs Friday, Apr 13 2012 

vintage St. Benoit liqueur label

CPCC member Linsey recently posted to her Facebook wall a fascinating photo of a giant vat of violette liqueur that she made herself…which reminded me that we never posted her related presentation here.

Last April, Linsey walked us through how to make liqueurs the speedy, scientific way: via pressurized nitrogen dioxide in a whipped-cream canister. In a matter of minutes, she produced some of the best tasting orange liqueur I’ve ever tasted, simply by combining vodka, orange peel and a few other delicious herbal and citrus ingredients in her canister, compounding the flavors and forcing them to marry. Voila! DIY Cointreau.

We enjoyed Linsey’s DIY orange liqueur in a Sidecar, using a variation on the following recipes she dug up:

French School
1 part parts cognac
1 part orange liqueur
1 part lemon juice

English School
2 parts cognac
1 part orange liqueur
1 part lemon juice

David Embury’s 1948 recipe (via The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks)
8 parts brandy or cognac
2 parts orange liqueur
1 part lemon juice

For all recipes, ingredients are combined in a mixing glass with ice, stirred until chilled, and served up in a cocktail glass or coupe.

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