Plymouth Party ~ Part II Thursday, Jun 21 2012 

As promised, the long-awaited conclusion to my time in beautiful Plymouth, England.

Our morning began at the water source for all of Plymouth — and by relation, Plymouth gin. It’s called the River Meavy, and it is really lovely.



Greetings from Scotchland! Wednesday, Jun 13 2012 

Hello from Islay!

I’m checking in real quick before I take a disco-nap and then slip on my kilt (no joke) and head to the Laphroaig distillery for a traditional Scottish dinner (there will be haggis), followed by dancing. Can’t wait to tell you all about it once I’m home.

Toodle pip,



Plymouth Party ~ Part I Thursday, Jun 7 2012 

Hello & ahoy! I’ve been meaning to post about the Plymouth portion of the English Gins trip for some time, but in the midst of more (booze-related) travels and deadlines, it got lost in the shuffle. Sorry, Plymouth!

This is the entrance to Black Friars Distillery, where Plymouth gin has been made in succession for more than two centuries. Two centuries! That’s a very, very long time. The building itself it 600 years old. That’s older than this country…which was started by a boatload of English folks who arrived via Plymouth. (FULL CIRCLE!)