Rose season Friday, May 18 2012 

It’s going to be 80 degrees today. We’re so close to summer, I can taste it.

Specifically, I can taste the gin & tonics, and the PBR, and the rose. (These are my go-to summer drinks, among others.) In Chicago, PBR season lasts pretty much all year, and in my house, there’s always a g&t if you want it. But rose season is more specific. It’s happening right this minute. Proof: One of my favorite restaurants is kicking off its “Fete de Rose” this weekend, and meanwhile Lillet Rose (which I can’t link to because its website is perpetually in “peau neuve”) is starting to make its way into local shops. I wrote about it for Chicago Magazine and will link when it’s out.

In related news, I’ve been saving this bottle of Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial for a special occasion, and tonight is the night…

…primarily because I’m celebrating my handsome beau (!), but also, ’tis the season!

p.s. If you’re wondering why every other photograph of a bottle has a bowl of fruit in the background, it’s because I’m super lazy and take snapshots on my kitchen table. And yes, we eat the fruit. Eddie Izzard would be proud.


Salmon, gin & tonic Tuesday, May 8 2012 

I was so swept up in gin and English gorgeousness that I didn’t have as much time to blog whilst overseas as I’d originally thought. Sorry to leave you hanging. The upside? More time to post than had I been squeezing it in between outings.

So, on to Day 2 of the English Gins trip.

We started our morning bright and early on the docks just under the London Eye, which is even more enormous than I’d imagined. (more…)

Fluffy Ruffles Monday, May 7 2012 

That’s the name of this here drink:

I just made one for the beau (& one for me) while he was cooking dinner. Typically, when I ask if I can make us a round whilst he’s cooking, the base spirit is always (always!) whiskey, almost always rye. We keep a decanter of “house whiskey” on the bar filled with Old Overholt, which is by far the best value one can buy in a bottle of rye.

Anyway, this evening, a rum-based cocktail was requested, so I consulted ye olde Official Mixer’s Manual by Patrick Gavin Duffy (a must, if you’re serious about sipping drinks as ridiculously named as the Fluffy Ruffles), and settled on said drink because a) it’s simple (I’m lazy) and b) I liked the name. I believe it’s in the Savoy Cocktail Book, as well.

Spoiler alert: It is delicious, essentially because it’s a rum manhattan. Here’s the recipe.

Fluffy Ruffles

1/2 parts Cuban rum (I used Ron Abuelo as I didn’t pick up any Havana Club whilst in England; Panama seemed a close second)
1/2 parts Italian vermouth (I used Carpano Antica as it’s quite sweet)
Rind of lime

In a mixing glass with ice, combine rum and vermouth; stir until cold. Strain into a coupe class; garnish with lime rind.