exterior of Harry's New York Bar in Paris

I had a French 75 at Bernard’s last night, which reminded me to post about the CPCC’s one-year anniversary.

Last March, we toasted the club’s first 12 months with a traditional champagne cocktail (booze + sugar cube + bitters + citrus peel garnish), as well as a round of French 75s, which I learned originated at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris (pictured). More details can be found in the related presentation.

Now, Harry’s is celebrating an anniversary of its own. The place opened on Thanksgiving day 1911, and is marking its 100th year in business with an historical book, to boot. (More on that in a few weeks after I’ve had a chance to read it…)

I’ve never been to Harry’s. Sadly, when I studied abroad in Paris, I was too young to care about much more than the plethora of cheap wine found absolutely everywhere, and didn’t think to seek out landmarks of the spirits world. A return trip is long overdue.

C’est la vie! Here’s the classic recipe:

French 75
2 ounces dry gin
1 ounce lemon juice
1 spoonful of sugar
top with champagne (or prosecco)
garnish with lemon peel

Build drink in a champagne flute, gin first. No need to stir the sugar: once you pour your bubbly, the drink will swirl accordingly.