We are finally getting our first real snowfall of the year and it is absolutely beautiful. It makes me want to make & drink hot toddies all the live-long day, but as I am currently detoxing and otherwise have work to do, sipping mug after delicious mug of hot whiskey just to feel seasonal probably isn’t the best idea.

That said, I a have scotch update. After tasting approximately 50 different scotch whiskys (there were a few late-comers after the big tasting), there were several clear stand-outs. Thirteen, to be precise. Which goes against everything I know (superstition, namely), but so be it. That’s the number I came up with.

During the tasting, I had everyone take notes on a large sheet of packing paper like this:

…and there was some pretty great commentary — especially toward the end of our tasting, when the writing becomes less legible/more sassy. Among the highlights:

“Soccer-mom scotch, for the soccer mom who might get a yellow card from the sidelines.” (Auchentoshen 12-year)

“Wooden ships; viking.” (Lagavulin 12-year)

“Tastes like $; make it rain.” (Macallan 12-year)

“Tastes of rubies.” (Glenlivet 25-year)

“Golf tan.” (Oban 14-year)

“Like my grandfather’s after-shave.” (Balblair 1997)

The finished article (minus non-Tribune-appropriate commentary) will run in a few weeks in the Chicago Tribune, but meanwhile here’s a sneak-peek of the winning bottles:

…and now that there are 50 bottles of scotch in the house, it’s probably time to update the home bar inventory.