Why, hello there!
I bet you forgot this blog existed. I know I did. And lord knows the home bar inventory has exploded since it was last updated…

But guess what? I just left my desk job at the Chicago Tribune to become a free agent (!), which means a lot more time to work on the things I love — including detailed musings about cocktails, spirits & their lore.

As for the blog: Needless to say, I have fallen terribly behind on updates regarding its M.O., the Central Park Cocktail Club, which for the record had an impressively productive 2011. I am proud of us. This Friday marks our December meeting, which will focus on something that, prior to all of the research I’ve done today, I knew very little about: SCOTCH.

These books have been super-useful, by the way, especially the top one, Charles MacLean’s Great Whiskeys (Dorling Kindersley), which I wrote a blurb about last summer when it was released.

Currently on my scotch spreadsheet (yes, I made a spreadsheet) are 46 iterations from almost as many distilleries all over the world. All of this is for an article that no doubt will be pared down to only the most important kernels of information, but that’s what blogs are for: behind-the-scenes junk.

More to come soon…and I do mean soon-soon. Not, like, months from now, but probably days from now. No joke.