As promised, a (long overdue) update to the wintry cinnamon schnapps project begun in late-November:

After about three weeks of aging (following about as many weeks of steeping cinnamon in vodka to achieve the initial flavors), the beau and I unsealed the schnapps from the mason jars in which they’d been aging and poured them into individual sealed flasks. Both the flavor and color were brilliant: strong, cinnamony bite complemented with a hue to match. Woo!

We made enough for about 18 gift flasks, which I spiffed up with ribbon, gift tags and some faux spruce sprigs that came nestled in an over-the-top packaged box of not very good gin.

So far we’ve had mostly positive feedback on the gift schnapps. My mom thought they were too strong, but some friends said they took their flask to the park on one of the snow days resulting from Snowpocalypse 2011 (aka Snowprah Wintry) and said it hit the spot.

Maybe we’ll try a different flavor next year…