Last winter, the beau began experimenting with some homemade schnapps following this handy Danish schnapps website — which I’ve since learned is the same source the folks at Publican used as a guideline for their first round of schnapps this fall.

For those unfamiliar, Scandinavian-style schnapps are essentially grain neutral spirit (GNS) plus whatever flavor you can dream up, sealed together for a few weeks and then aged a few more, and sweetened as needed. That’s it. The beau has used vodka as a base, but Scandinavian-style schnapps can be made with aquavit or even pure grain spirit. (German-style schnapps, on the other hand, are generally made from fermented fruit — which leads its maker into distilling territory, which is illegal sans license in these parts.)

For Christmas this year, we decided to share with family & friends one of last year’s most successful DIY flavored schnapps: cinnamon. I love the bite of the slightly spicy flavor and the crimson color.

This weekend marked the time when the steeping ends and aging begins, so I took a few photos:

unsealing the 3-week-old vodka & cinnamon mixture

tasting -- very important!

strain #1: separating liquid from cinnamon sticks

the remnants

strain #2: back into the jar the liquid goes, for a few weeks of aging

I’ll keep you all posted on how the final tasting goes…ideally in time for Christmas!