Playing catch-up, let’s revisit October’s cocktail club, shall we?

Maureen hosted, and led us on a historical journey of the manhattan, from Winston Churchill to the Galveston Daily News. I’ll save the details for those who’d like to download the presentation, but I should note that consuming two manhattan cocktails that night (one standard, one perfect) was a special challenge given that Maureen & I had tied one on tight the night before, for whatever reason.

We were troopers. Most of the club agreed that the perfect was better…or it could have just been that one manhattan in, everything in the world tastes better.

Maureen mixed up the following traditional recipes:

2 parts rye whiskey (we used Old Overholt)
1 part sweet vermouth (we used Martini & Rossi)
2 dashes bitters (we used Peychauds)
lemon rind knot garnish

Perfect Manhattan
2 parts rye whiskey
1/2 part sweet vermouth
1/2 part dry vermouth (we used Noilly Prat)
2 dashes bitters
lemon rind knot garnish

Both drinks are prepared by combining the ingredients (save bitters) in a mixing glass with ice, then straining into a tumbler (my glassware is sadly void of traditional cocktail glasses) and bittering accordingly. To garnish, I tied strings of lemon rinds into neat little knots. Lovely.