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I can’t believe it’s nearly September.

The beau & I have been doing a lot of hosting this summer, much of which has involved mixing cocktails of various stripes, and yet I’ve been terrible about updating this blog. Mental note to be better from here on out, for the millions and millions who hang on my every mark of punctuation.

To recap:

After a break in July, we resumed our monthly cocktail club a few weekends back with a brief history of the Margarita, presented by CPCC member David Tamarkin.

David had done a significant amount of research on tequila and the Margarita for his dayjob at Time Out Chicago (check out one of his articles here, and more links thereafter), and the rest of us had the pleasure of gleaning info on tequila and the roots of the now famous margarita — which, for whatever reason, many institutions insist on making with bottled “juice.” Gross.

David hand-squeezed all of his limes for the lot of us to enjoy in two variations of the classic drink: one using blanco (silver) tequila (he used Milagro); and a second round using reposado (“rested”), Hornitos brand.

Everyone was in agreement that the reposado was tastier. For both margaritas, David followed his “rule of threes”:

David’s Margarita
1/3 tequila
1/3 lime juice
1/3 something else (in both of these instances he used Cointreau)
Simple syrup to taste

For those who missed it, or are curious, download the August presentation here.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on a story on iced-tea cocktails, and will post that here when it’s published in a few weeks…just in time for our last hurrah of warm weather.