Last week, Bill Daley (Tribune colleague and wine connoisseur) and I kicked off a weekly cocktail column for The Stew, the Tribune’s food & drinks blog. In homage to the happiest hour of the week (Friday at 5 p.m.), we post recipes suitable for DIY mixology at home.

Bill dedicated last week’s post to the official Tales of the Cocktail drink, Death in the South Pacific, which looks delicious, but a bit complicated for someone who’s had a tough week and doesn’t want to bother with 11 different ingredients.

Because this particular week of April can often be, well, taxing, I kept things simple for today’s post: In honor of the passing of yet another Tax Day, cheers to the Income Tax Cocktail. The beau made one for me a few weeks back when I started my taxes, but I may have to have an encore this weekend now that all the forms are off and mailed!