The home bar (should it have a name? I think it’s deserved of one) is slated to be in a photo shoot in this Sunday’s Trib for a related article I’ve been working on these past few weeks.

Staff photographer Bill Hogan did the honors a few days ago, and I love the previews I’ve seen so far.  In order to get a clean shot, we had to take quite a few things out (it’s already stock full, despite living just two months at the Central Park Social Club), which means I’ve got to organize the thing again now… It’s a golden opportunity to create a database of what’s currently stocked, as I’ve seen done on cocktail blogs elsewhere (and so far, Kaiser Penguin‘s is the most impressive).

For the article, over the weekend I chatted with Mr. David Wondrich, who admitted that he doesn’t have a home bar, because his entire house is “packed full of bottles, in every possible nook.” Somehow, I’m not surprised.

I’ll post the resulting article and photos here Sunday.