Old Tom, how we love thee Thursday, Apr 29 2010 

At long last, my Old Tom gin story is in today’s Tribune, and explains the name of the stuff as well as why gin haters might want to give it a chance. All that research done for the very first CPCC looks to have paid off.

I haven’t been mixing with Old Tom much at home since March’s CPCC, but did make it out to a few places to try cocktails for this story. Old Tom has more or less invaded Chicago’s cocktail scene — which, in my mind, is a good thing. The more gin options we have out there beyond the standard Bombay or Gordon’s, the better.


Home-bar heaven Tuesday, Apr 27 2010 

It’s not yet officially out (it’s slated to run as a 2-page spread in Sunday’s Tribune, and possibly in sister papers), but my story on home bars and how to stock them is now online for public perusal.

I’m quite pleased with the photo of our little bar, and thanks to the sidebar on stocking up, I’ve been inspired to take stock of what all’s currently in the cabinet. Will post the resulting inventory here soon.

Meanwhile I’m overdue in reporting on this month’s CPCC, at which Brandy Lane graciously led us through a brief history of Bourbon. Will get to that soon …

Friday @ 5: A cocktail to kick off the weekend Friday, Apr 16 2010 

Last week, Bill Daley (Tribune colleague and wine connoisseur) and I kicked off a weekly cocktail column for The Stew, the Tribune’s food & drinks blog. In homage to the happiest hour of the week (Friday at 5 p.m.), we post recipes suitable for DIY mixology at home.

Bill dedicated last week’s post to the official Tales of the Cocktail drink, Death in the South Pacific, which looks delicious, but a bit complicated for someone who’s had a tough week and doesn’t want to bother with 11 different ingredients.

Because this particular week of April can often be, well, taxing, I kept things simple for today’s post: In honor of the passing of yet another Tax Day, cheers to the Income Tax Cocktail. The beau made one for me a few weeks back when I started my taxes, but I may have to have an encore this weekend now that all the forms are off and mailed!

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