New blog launch: The Glass & Garden Friday, Jul 6 2012 

Hello, Central Park Cocktail Clubbers!

I’m posting on this blog about my new blog. Very meta.

For those of you cocktail enthusiasts who are interested in more recipe-driven, picturesque posts of drinks, you should check out The Glass & Garden, which will be my new home for recipes derived (or tested) in my kitchen. The “garden” half of the blog will be devoted to all things horticulture-related, including ingredients for drinks (!) as well as beautifying your backyard.

CPCC members (and those of you who’ve joined us along the way): Never fear; this blog isn’t going anywhere! I will continue to update it with the club’s progress, as well as my related travels. I just felt there should be a dedicated space elsewhere for recipes and the like.

Carry on, and keep cool! I’ll be posting here soon about all of my adventures in Scotland, including about a bajillion photos of Laphroiag distillery, which is ever so photogenic…


Plymouth Party ~ Part II Thursday, Jun 21 2012 

As promised, the long-awaited conclusion to my time in beautiful Plymouth, England.

Our morning began at the water source for all of Plymouth — and by relation, Plymouth gin. It’s called the River Meavy, and it is really lovely.


Greetings from Scotchland! Wednesday, Jun 13 2012 

Hello from Islay!

I’m checking in real quick before I take a disco-nap and then slip on my kilt (no joke) and head to the Laphroaig distillery for a traditional Scottish dinner (there will be haggis), followed by dancing. Can’t wait to tell you all about it once I’m home.

Toodle pip,



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